A Look Inside The Haunted Woods

After you travel by hayride to the haunted woods, you’ll then walk along a path that takes you to some pretty creepy scenes. These are just two.

First we take a look at just the entrance to American Nightmares in the Haunted Woods. This is a daytime picture and it’s still creepy. At night you’ll have to walk through that front door, stumble along a decaying hallway, outside past an ominous campsite and along a trail draped with trees, then back alongside the tool shed and into a massive blood stained hallway. You’ll be doing all that while the inhabitants of this scare show you exactly why it’s called American Nightmares.

American Nightmares..only in The Haunted Woods Of Williamsburg.

American Nightmares

Another intimidating scene is the entrance to SCREAM. This structure is over 20 feet tall and the entrace is…the mouth of the mask. In here you’ll have to get creative to continue. Climb, crawl, duck and feel your way through the pitch black just to continue your walk. All while avoiding the evil that lurks inside. Scream only in The Haunted Woods of Williamsburg


Make plans to visit the Haunted Woods of Williamsburg 2014


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