2017 Haunted Woods Information

2017 Haunted Woods Info:

Dates: 10/20 10/21 & 10/27 10/28

Times: Ticket Window Opens at 7:00 every Friday and Saturday night for the main Haunted Woods. On Saturdays ticket window opens at 5:00 for kids daytime tour sales.

Prices: $15 Adults, $10 kids 9 and under.

Starts: Main Tours start at Dark Every night.

Daytime kids tours start at 5:15.

Close: The ticket window closes at Midnight. We will stay open until everyone who purchased a ticket has gone through.

What: Hayride to the woods. Nearly an hour long walk through the attractions and scare sites in the woods. Over 100 creatures ranging from Swamp People, Hillbilly Zombies, Wild Woods People, Classic American Horror Characters, Fear Factory Psychopaths, Killer Clowns, Night Walkers & Evil Demons In the Shadows.

What Else: Bon Fire while you wait. DJ while you wait, hayride back to the parking lot, souvenirs, concessions, movie tent while you wait. Check out our Snapchat filter #HauntedWoods17

Kids daytime tour info: kids daytime tours are on saturdays only. Ticket window opens at 5:00. We will send wagons in until 6:15. All kids will be out of the woods by nightfall. Kids will get candy at each scare sight. This will be very kid friendly and not intense. Any adult purchasing an adult ticket for the kids ride will get a ticket to come back for an adult ride that same night.

Regular Tours: This is a long walk in the woods in the dark. Wear shoes that can get dirty. Be physically fit enough to walk in the woods at dark. There will be a liability waver on each ticket. This tour is no touch but intense. It is loud, graphic horror, tight in spots, very dark in spots, its rowdy at times. Enter at your own risk.

For our veteran woods goers. We have added to the trail this year and added more features. We have added to the length of the hayride and many scare sights have new surprises.

All proceeds benefit WJAA a non profit providing recreational youth sports to kids.


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